University of Michigan Conference Chair Reupholstery

o reeRecently, we reupholstered designer chairs used for years as conference seating at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor. Owen, a client from Bloomfield Hills, asked us to reupholster these unique conference chairs and restore them to their former glory. These designer chairs circa 1960, were used by the university for many years and […]

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Antique Hoosier Restoration

Before After Dan of Canton Michigan inherited this antique Hoosier from his Grandmother who lived to be 108 years old. The Hoosier was dropped off in a truckload of pieces as the Antique Hoosier restoration had not been in operation for about 50 years. Also, the owner did not know if it would even go […]

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Types of Woods Used In Antique Furniture

There are various types of woods used in antique furniture. Unlike modern furniture, antique furnishing was crafted with the best materials for their time. After all, mass production was not available. As a result, furniture was made to last. One of the ways to guarantee the quality of the product was through wood selection. The […]

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What Makes a Piece of Furniture Valuable

What makes a piece of furniture valuable? Recently, Foxwood restored a beautiful Italian heirloom family couch at our Ann Arbor location. While furniture can depreciate over time, its value can vary depending on various factors. So, what makes furniture valuable? Generational Furniture Value Age tends to depreciate the value of items. Most of the time, this […]

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How Reviews Help Small Businesses

Do you know how reviews help small businesses? Most of the time, people do not take the time to review a business. The people who tend to review are passionate about the service, regardless if it was good or bad. However, people underestimate the power of online reviews. After all, these reviews can make or […]

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