Restoring Family Artifacts at Foxwood

.Restore your family furniture at Foxwood!Everyone has that one piece of furniture that has been a treasured family heirloom through generations. Whether that be an old wooden desk that you keep in your office or a handmade rocking chair, we all have that one piece that is rich in family history. Over time, those sentimental pieces of furniture begin to show their age and fall apart. Bring your family artifacts into the family-owned Foxwood Furniture Restoration to transform your old, damaged, or worn-out furniture into something beautiful and preserve a piece of your family history. 

Why should you restore your family furniture at Foxwood?

There are several reasons why you should repair your old family furniture! These reasons range from saving money to bringing new life to your old pieces. 

  • Preserve a piece of the past

Who isn’t a fan of history, especially when it involves their own family? By restoring your family furniture to its former glory, you can keep the past alive while adding a modern touch through restoration and reupholstery. 

  • Keep sentimental items and save moneyFamily Furniture Restoration at Foxwood

The best reason to restore your old furniture is to keep the items that are important to you. Furthermore, you can save money while doing so! By having a piece restored and repaired, you can avoid the extra costs and hassle of buying new furniture

  • Pieces of the past had better quality

Furniture made in the past was meant to last unlike the factory-made furniture sold today. By restoring an antique piece of furniture, you can reap the benefits of the well-made piece for many more years to come!

Services at Foxwood Furniture Restoration

Whether you have a piece of furniture that has been passed down through your family for generations or a piece that you intend to pass along, Foxwood Furniture Restoration can help you. We offer services such as; chemical paint stripping, full reupholstery, hand caning, and replacement and repair. Additionally, we offer to pick up and deliver so you can get your furniture repaired at your convenience!

We have over 25 years of experience serving clients in Ann Arbor, Brighton, Howell, Pinckney, South Lyon, and Ypsilanti. Get a free quote and contact us today to see how we can help you!