Table Top Tips from Foxwood Restoration

Table tops bring a lot of character to a person’s home. With that being said, there are a few things that you can do to protect the value and look of your furniture. Foxwood Restorations a local expert in furniture repair and restoration would like to share these valuable table top tips!

Removing an Alcohol Spot

Removing an alcohol spot is quite simple. If you’re fast enough after the spill, try to very lightly wipe the spot with a cloth, moistened with a little household ammonia. If this method doesn’t work, try rubbing the alcohol spot with a fine abrasive or some type of lubricant.

Lubricating Runners

Lubricate the runners with a silicone sprayer. Use a piece of paraffin wax or a wax candle to apply a thin layer of wax to the sliding surfaces of the runners. Once that’s completed, slide the top together a few times to spread the wax along the runners.

Cleaning Wood Runners

Extension tables become difficult to open when runners are clogged with dirt and of lubricant. To avoid this difficulty:Table top

  • Spread the top apart as far as you can to allow access to the runners
  • Use the tip of a small screwdriver to dig out dirt and caked lubricant from the runners
  • Use a cloth, soaked with mineral spirits (or turpentine) and an old toothbrush to scrub away any remaining dirt or grease
  • Wipe the runners dry with a clean cloth

Re-gluing Veneer

Place a dishtowel over the blister and press down with an iron set on moderate heat, to protect the finish. After a few minutes, the blister should flatten. Once the blister has flattened, weigh it down with several heavy books overnight.

Treating White Rings or Spots on your Furniture

White rings can be caused by condensation from a cold drink, alcohol, spilled shaving lotion/perfume, or even by a hot cup of coffee. To remove a white ring or spot, try placing a blotter over the spot and pressing with a warm iron. If this method doesn’t work after a couple of tries, you’ll have to rub the spot with a fine abrasive and some type of lubricant.

If you have any further questions regarding table top repair and maintenance please do not hesitate to contact us.  If you need an expert that is local and does professional furniture restoration, we would love to be of service to you!

Even More Fun with Wood Creations!

Wood Creations Part 3

We thought you would find more of these wood creations interesting. This is the third in the series of pictures. Remember Foxwood restores wood and furniture and can help with your project.

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Wood Creation


Very cool wood spiral staircase with built on slide. How fun!
Wood CreationWood CreationWood Creation

This table is a prime example of unique furniture that we could help you restore!

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