Process of Reupholstery

Process of Reupholstery

The process of reupholstery is a interesting one. When it comes reupholstering a chair or other furniture, Foxwood has years of experience. After all, it one of our primary services. Over these years, Foxwood has created blog posts about reupholstering furniture. However, we have never discussed what goes into reupholstering. In few of our recent jobs, we took a lot images of the process. So, let’s talk about the reupholstering process.


First of all, let’s do a quick refresher on reupholster. Reupholstering is a process in which you take older more worn-out furniture and replace the upholstery once all the repairs are made. Although there is ongoing debate between buying new furniture or getting it reupholstered, there are benefits to choosing the latter. This process is great for restoring family heirlooms or furniture with sentimental value. You can reupholster a variety of furniture, including sofas, chairs, stools, and more. There are many things to consider when reupholstering an item. That is because the process of reupholsterty takes effort.

The Process of Reupholstery

So, what does the process entail? We will be using a few different images to display how the process would look like at each step.

Remove Old Fabric

removing old fabric

The first step of reupholstering is removing the old fabric. In order to remove this fabric, you might have to disassemble certain parts of the chair. In addition, you will be removing the upholster pieces. It is important for you not to rip or break these pieces. This is because they will help you remember the pattern for the previous fabric and apply it correctly. Furthermore, they can be references for new parts like welting and tack strips.

Replacing Batting

batting and reupholstery

Batting is used to soften the edges of furniture, creating a crowned look. In addition, it can prevent slippage and be used to give cushions some insulation. Over time, batting can become worn and stained. If you remove the old fabric and see these signs, you need to remove the batting. Afterwards, you should check any springs and webbing for damage (as seen above). This will need to be fixed before you can put on the new batting.

New Pattern and Attaching It

process of reupholstery

In order to replace the old fabric, you will need to make pattern from new material. After picking out the type of fabric you want, you need to cut a new pattern from the old upholster. Once these pieces are created, you need to attach the base of the fabric. At this time, you need to sew in the new welting into the new fabric and attach it. At the end, you will have a completely new and refreshing appearance for your furniture. For that green chair and ottoman, it was transformed into a classy furniture piece.

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