Repair or Re-Upholster your Chair

If you need to repair or reupholster your chair, then you should contact Foxwood Restorations!  While chairs are used for sitting, people tend to forget how well-designed this piece of furniture is. Typically, chairs usually don’t weigh that much but are capable of supporting a couple hundred pounds. This includes when it is being rocked […]

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Furniture Stripping with Foxwood Restoration

Everyone likes a change in their home, especially when it comes to upholstering your furniture. What says a new look none other than chemical and physical furniture stripping? Yes, you’ve read that correctly. This process has become fairly popular over the past couple of years. Furniture Stripping Safety Tips

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Process of Reupholstery

The process of reupholstery is a interesting one. When it comes reupholstering a chair or other furniture, Foxwood has years of experience. After all, it one of our primary services. Over these years, Foxwood has created blog posts about reupholstering furniture. However, we have never discussed what goes into reupholstering. In few of our recent […]

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