Reupholster Boat Cushions

When we hear the word “summer”, the first thing that comes to our mind is boat riding. You know, the whole shebang: fishing, jet skiing, wake surfing…you name it. Being on the water is all about enjoying everything your boat has to offer—not working on it. You can never compromise when this is your passion. […]

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Furniture Stripping with Foxwood Restoration

Everyone likes a change in their home, especially when it comes to upholstering your furniture. What says a new look none other than chemical and physical furniture stripping? Yes, you’ve read that correctly. Furniture stripping has become fairly popular over the past couple of years. Furniture Stripping Safety Tips

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Scandinavian Style Chairs

This chair was a popular form of furniture in its time and continues today with its contemporary and modern style design. The design is by Alvar Aalto; done in 1942. Scandinavian designers generally preferred plain, dark fabrics for upholstery although virtually any color or pattern would look good on this simple frame. Repair and upholstery […]

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