The Art of the Ottoman

The Art of the Ottoman

Ottoman History

For August, Foxwood Restorations is highlighting the ottoman. For many, the ottoman has provided people with a fashionable form of seating dating back to the late 1820s. When it first debuted, it was originally made up of a simple upholstered box with a few loose cushions and a back. Also, the original version of this furniture had four seats arranged around a central box or two seats arranged back to back. After 1850, a new more complete version of ottomans was introduced that was modeled after a French gossip seat with the sitters facing each other.

Ottomans were not found everywhere. If you wanted to see an ottoman you would be most likely to find one in ballrooms, galleries, and other large spaces. In these settings, people were expected to only use them for a brief second and not lounge in them. Today, this piece of furniture is a regular staple in most homes.

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