Types of Woods Used In Antique Furniture

Types of Woods Used In Antique Furniture

There are various types of woods used in antique furniture. Unlike modern furniture, antique furnishing was crafted with the best materials for their time. After all, mass production was not available. As a result, furniture was made to last. One of the ways to guarantee the quality of the product was through wood selection. The type of wood used in antique furniture can tell you a lot about the time period and intentions of the craftsman. So, what types of woods were used in antique furniture? Furthermore, what can this wood tell you about your antique piece?

Types of Antique Furniture Woods

One of the major appeals to antique furniture is wood. For generations, craftsmen would find the best quality material to create furnishings. As a result, a handful of woods were chosen.  Some of these antique furniture woods include:

  • Mahogony
  • Oak
  • Rosewood
  • Walnut
  • Elm
  • Teak
  • Pine

This is only a selection of woods that are found in older furniture. However, each of these woods holds historical and structural significance. Here is a brief history of some of these antique woods.


This hardwood originates from South Africa and the West Indies. Mahogony became very popular in Britain during the mid-18th century before it spread throughout Europe. The wood is known for its longevity, lasting for decades.


Furniture made of oak are known to be sturdy and solid, often being applied to carcass and drawer linings. It was most popular in the Georgian Era before seeing a revival in Victorian times.


Prior to the early 19th century, rosewood was for veneer and inlaid decoration. However, the wood’s unique dark color and fragrance made it perfect for furniture. The rosewood trade was so popular that it led to the tree’s near extinction.

Antique Furniture Restoration at Foxwood

As you can see, there are various types of wood used in antique furniture. As a result, special care needs to be taken when you are repairing or restoring this furnishing. At Foxwood Furniture Restoration, we specialize in furniture restoration. Our variety of services will help you restore your furnishing to its original condition! We even help recover furniture from water and fire damage!

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