How to Recognize a High Quality Upholstered Piece of Furniture

A piece of furniture that has a high-quality old frame combined with high-quality fabric and good workmanship is a stunning piece of furniture. There are a few things to know when looking for high quality upholstered furniture. Some of these features will tell you if your piece of furniture needs to be reupholstered or restored.

Here’s what to look for when recognizing a high quality upholstered piece of furniture:

  1. Eight-Way hand tied coil springs placed underneath the deck. This is when an array of coils are tied from all directions: front, back, side-to-side, and diagonal, a total of eight times to create comfort, support, even spacing, and resistance to pressure.
  2. Lined skirting twice the ware. Make sure that the cushions are reversible.
  3. Loose back cushions (so that the filling does not settle).
  4. Check to see if the frame is furniture grade wood.
  5. Be sure that the corners and arms of the chairs/sofas have thick padding.
  6. Make sure all cushions have zippers aligned with the fabric for removal.
  7. The pillowcase stuffing has to have compartments for minimal setting.
  8. The floral patterns must flow from one part of couch to next.
  9. Firm foam block has to be wrapped in padding.
  10. A Protective inner cover has to be within the furniture. This helps avoid scratches when transporting your furniture.

All fabric should be a high grade, 120 rub fabric, aligned with the pattern, and the shirts should have lining or weights.

Reupholstery is used to fit sofas and chairs with covering, padding, springs, and webbing. At Foxwood Furniture Restoration, we refurbish your antique furniture to bring it back to its original state. With over 70 years of experience, we offer complete and thorough furniture restorations on antiques. If you are looking to have your furniture restored or repaired, we do furniture upholstery in Brighton, MI. Contact Foxwood Furniture Restorations today for our furniture restoration services!
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