University of Michigan Conference Chair Reupholstery

Conference Chair ReupholsteryRecently, we reupholstered designer chairs used for years as conference seating at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor. Owen, a client from Bloomfield Hills, asked us to reupholster these unique conference chairs and restore them to their former glory. These designer chairs circa 1960, were used by the university for many years and showed their age. However, with some new fabric and reupholstery, we were able to restore these chairs and add character to their new home!

Reupholstery Services in Bloomfield Hills

When our client from Bloomfield Hills brought in these unique chairs, we relished the challenge. Each conference chair was constructed in two parts, a smaller chair that composed the inner portion and a shell that composed the outer part, which fit together perfectly. These high-quality furniture pieces stood the test of time. The frame was intact and undamaged but the fabric showed its age through stains and discoloration. However, after many years of use, these conference chairs needed to be reupholstered.

Our client had a specific look in mind for the chairs. As such, we searched high and low for the right quality fabric to fit their vision. Even during their restoration, other customers entering Foxwood would stop and take pictures of the chairs due to their unique look.

The final result was stunning, as you can see. It’s hard to believe these chairs were once used at U of M as conference seating. The four comfortable chairs are situated around a fire pit in a room with high ceilings at our customer’s home. They were lovingly repurposed by Foxwood. We are proud of the work of our craftsmen that made this restoration project successful.Conference chair restoration

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