Antique Hoosier Restoration

Antique Hoosier Restoration Before
Antique Hoosier Restoration

Dan of Canton Michigan inherited this antique Hoosier from his Grandmother who lived to be 108 years old. The Hoosier was dropped off in a truckload of pieces as the Antique Hoosier restoration had not been in operation for about 50 years. Also, the owner did not know if it would even go back together. He said please just do the best you can as this cabinet is very sentimental to me.

The Hoosier was painted with 100 years of old paint. Also, he asked Foxwood Restorations to strip it repair the structure and paint it with old-world blue paint and then add some antique aging to it. See the picture of the unit stripped and broken down. He also asked us to research the history of the Hoosier cabinet. Most homes in the late 1800s rarely had built-in cabinetry. As families began to grow a movement started to set forth an “efficiency Kitchen” that would make it easier to manage the kitchen “stuff”.

The new invention was a well-organized, compact cabinet that provided a place for everything ranging from salt shakers to mixing bows and also a handful of key tools like a built-in flour sifter. Sometimes it’s the simplest things that bring the cost joy. In our modern age of LED outdoor Christmas decorations and online buying sometimes it can be hard to remember just how simple Christmas was for generations of people in the past.

Antique Hoosier Restoration Project

This project from Foxwood Restorations shows what a team of experts from Brighton and Ann Arbor are able to accomplish with your grandmother’s old cabinet. We take a lot of care in your sentimental and loved pieces. Some of your family Heirloom antique furniture pieces functioned with our family members through the last Spanish flu pandemic. What a great gift idea of restoring a piece of antique furniture that survived with our family through the last Spanish flu pandemic. In addition, this will live with us through this current COVID pandemic. The stories this piece of furniture has to tell to generations of your family. Made it through then and we will make it through again ( together) with our beloved old family furniture.

Finally, contact Foxwood Restorations today to breathe new life into your old-quality furniture.