How Reviews Help Small Businesses

Do you know how reviews help small businesses? Most of the time, people do not take the time to review a business. The people who tend to review are passionate about the service, regardless if it was good or bad. However, people underestimate the power of online reviews. After all, these reviews can make or […]

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The Art of the Ottoman

Ottoman History For August, Foxwood Restorations is highlighting the ottoman. For many, the ottoman has provided people with a fashionable form of seating dating back to the late 1820s. When it first debuted, it was originally made up of a simple upholstered box with a few loose cushions and a back. Also, the original version […]

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Furniture Repairs Brighton Michigan

When looking for furniture repairs Brighton, Foxwood is the best choice. Whether you want to fix that wobbly old chair collecting dust in the basement or restore the beauty of that once-elegant dining room table, Foxwood Furniture Restoration is the place you want to contact. We offer many various furniture repairs on your furniture whether […]

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