University of Michigan Conference Chair Reupholstery

o reeRecently, we reupholstered designer chairs used for years as conference seating at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor. Owen, a client from Bloomfield Hills, asked us to reupholster these unique conference chairs and restore them to their former glory. These designer chairs circa 1960, were used by the university for many years and […]

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Furniture Stripping with Foxwood Restoration

Everyone likes a change in their home, especially when it comes to upholstering your furniture. What says a new look none other than chemical and physical furniture stripping? Yes, you’ve read that correctly. This process has become fairly popular over the past couple of years. Furniture Stripping Safety Tips

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Spring and Re-upholstery Work In Ann Arbor

Looking for spring and re-upholstery work in Ann Arbor? That is what Samantha and her three children were looking for when they came to Foxwood. Samantha came in with a chair with outdated green vinyl. Although the chair was structurally sound and joints were sturdy, the springs and cushioning need a lot of attention. So, […]

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