Signs That You Should Reupholster Your Couch or Chair

Has your furniture seen better days? The main feature of your living room is your couch and chairs. A place where you can gather with friends and family; enjoying their company throughout the year. Unfortunately, wear and tear accumulate over time and even though you may love your furniture, something needs to be done. That […]

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Gift for a Lifetime

Why not give the gift that will last a lifetime with refurbished or reupholstered furniture? Every family has a special piece of furniture that they love. Something that holds a lot of sentimental meaning because of the number of memories tied to it. For me, that piece of furniture is an old recliner that my […]

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Choosing Fabric for Furniture Reupholstery

Foxwood Furniture Restorations has expert craftsmen who do a variety of services, including furniture reupholstery. For people who have sentimental pieces or want to keep older pieces, reupholstery can help extend the lifespan of specific furniture. However, to update this furniture, you’ll probably need to choose a new fabric for it. Choosing the right fabric […]

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