Scandinavian Style Chairs

This chair was a popular form of furniture in its time and continues today with its contemporary and modern style design. The design is by Alvar Aalto; done in 1942. Scandinavian designers generally preferred plain, dark fabrics for upholstery although virtually any color or pattern would look good on this simple frame. Repair and upholstery of this furniture is a labor of love. 

Upholstered Scandinavian Style Chairs by Foxwood Restoration

The cushions are made from original tied springs, with high density, high quality foam giving them more form and a nice firmness feel.

antique furniture repair and upholstery

Scandinavian Style Chair Repair

Foam quality varies substantially. Average foams can be purchased from your everyday fabric store, however good high quality, high density foams must be purchased from a high end repair and upholstery shop such as Foxwood Restoration. You never want to use low quality average foam on your prized antique chairs, it will ruin the integrity of the chair.

Scandinavian furniture in the postwar period of the country hardly allowed for any yearnings for luxury. Although there was still a considerable demand for new furnishings they were faced with the industrial situation and a shortage of raw material. The government maintained the restrictions on the production of furniture that it had enforced in 1942. It only allowed the manufacture of the limited standard ranges of simple, but well designed, furniture available under the brand name Utility. Although Utility furniture was well made and well proportioned, it was too simple for most tastes. As soon as the production of other furniture was allowed after l948, despite the imposition of high purchaser tax, other period styles soon re-appeared. What Utility brand furniture did achieve was the introduction into homes of furniture in the modern style.

Repair and Upholstery

These Scandinavian chairs made of strong wood with smooth lines and curves were made by skilled craftsman such as the ones at Foxwood Restorations. Your chairs may still be standing but suffer from aging along with wear and tear. Which means they are in need of some wood repairs and new upholstery. Living in Howell MI or Brighton? Walk into our shop and talk to the professionals at furniture restoration.  Let us repair and reupholster your antique chairs and bring them back to life! Contact Us online for more information on the variety of furniture repair services we offer.