Fire or Water Damaged Repairs

When Life Throws You A Curve

Fire or Water Damaged Repairs

Here is a piece we got with fire and smoke damage in for repairs

Life can bring unexpected twists and turns. It’s when you least expect it that things go awry and your life can be turned upside down. Fires, floods, and pipes bursting are events that can be hard to predict. It can add insult to injury when these events damage your home and favorite furniture or family heirlooms. This is where we step in. Foxwood Restoration can provide residential or commercial furniture repair and restoration services for fire or water damage and insurance loss or claims.

Foxwood Restoration provides affordable alternatives to throwing out your most precious and precious furniture pieces. We take time and care to repair and restore your water and fire furniture back to new. Our skilled staff of craftsmen, artists, upholsterers and repair people will bring your cherished pieces back to life again.