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Chippendale Antique Furniture Restoration Specialists Michigan

Chippendale Antique Furniture has been around since the 1700’s created by Thomas Chippendale who was a Cabinet maker influenced by the Gothic and Rococo styles of furniture from France. He incorporated elements of both and Came up with his distinctive design of Chippendale furniture. It is distinguished by large plate style hardware and overall design.

Thomas Chippendale the first cabinet maker to publish a book of his furniture designs called “The Gentleman and Cabinet-Maker’s Director”. His designs were copied by many other cabinet makers and used in their shops as well.

The book consisted of; English with deep carving styles, French rococo in the style of Louis XV furniture, Chinese style with latticework and lacquer, Gothic with pointed arches, quatrefoils, and fret-worked legs.

Chippendale Antique Furniture

The claw-and -ball foot is a good identifier of Chippendale pieces, many pieces also have cabriole legs and shell motifs.

Claw-and-ball Foot Cabriole Chair Leg

Chippendale furniture was made mainly of mahogany from the West Indies. Some local cabinet makers and antique furniture makers used veneers. But they were not typical for his style due to the elaborate wood carving in his pieces. His style pieces were also made out of cherry, walnut and maple wood.

A certain amount of repair work on Antique furniture is permissible as long as great care and respect is given to the original integrity of the piece. That is exactly what we do at Foxwood Restorations in Brighton Michigan. If you have an Antique Chippendale piece of furniture contact us at 810-220-0123 with the information of the piece. We will work closely with you to repair and restore your precious Chippendale style furniture with the best care and experience in restoring antique furniture around.