Rocking Chair Repair & Restoration for a Wedding


rocking chair repair

When it comes to family heirlooms, you want to keep them in the family. However, furniture repair and restoration are required. After all, time is not kind to furniture. That was the situation that Betty had. This Ann Arbor local wanted to give a special family heirloom to her newly-wed daughter at her wedding. The heirloom was a grandma rocking chair that has been in the family for two generations. The historic furniture belonged to their polish bloodline. Now it was ready for a new generation. However, the grandma rocking chair was in a state of disrepair.

The chairs’ rockers had broken off. As a result, it could no longer sway back and forth. In addition, the wood had lost its luster and the old upholstery need replacement. There were also some minor damages to the chair. This rocking chair would need some TLC before it would be ready for the bride. So, Foxwood did a variety of rocking chair repair and restoration techniques to bring the grandma rocking chair back to life.

Rocking Chair Repair and Restoration Process

rocking chair furniture restored

To return this chair to a beautiful state, Foxwood had work to do! First of all, this beauty would need new rocker runners. This process includes ordering new runners then aging the wood to match the rocker. The furniture would require wood restoration. There specific techniques that can be used to restore furniture. Since this rocker need some care, Foxwood did a combination of chemical stripping, hand-standing, and staining to restore the wood. Finally, it needed re-upholstery. A modern grey fabric was chosen to match the bride’s new home decor. After handling minor repairs, the grandma rocking chair had been restored. Afterward, the chair was ready to be a perfect wedding gift.

Satisfied Foxwood Restorations Customer

Foxwood is a rare and unique restoration company that has been serving clients for over 30 years. Our company focuses on restoring your antique furniture to its original form and integrity. Foxwood has a variety of services available for your antique. We want all our customers to feel as satisfied as Betty and her daughter were with the restored rocking chair. So contact us today and let’s bring your furniture back to life!

Happy Bride at Wedding