Let Foxwood Strip Your Furniture For You!

Stripping furniture is the process of removing an old finish down to the bare wood surface. People decide to strip their old furniture and antiques so they can update them and give them a new look! You’d be surprised what stripping and refinishing furniture can do to update an old piece of furniture you can’t part with.

Removing old paint from wood furniture is a labor-intensive process. It can be accomplished mechanically or with a chemical solvent. Machine sanding or hand sanding is one method of removal. While a lot of people opt for the DIY machine sanding and hand sanding this generally results in removing not only the finish but also some of the wood surface.

Using a chemical solvent, on the other hand, will remove the finish without damaging the wood. This is the most commonly used method of stripping finishes from old furniture. It is highly recommended for woods with attractive grain patterns and coloring that you don’t want to be damaged while stripping your furniture.