Repair Your Chairs At Foxwood Restorations

Repair your chairs at FoxwoodAre your chairs damaged and in need of restoration? Repair your chairs and restore them at Foxwood Restorations! Here at Foxwood, we are the official chair hospital for furniture in Livingston and Oakland County. We will tighten your high-quality chairs, secure them, and return them to their former glory! After we repair them, they will be safe and useful for another 25 years!

Why should You Repair Your Chairs?

Here at Foxwood, we provide an affordable alternative to replacing your furniture. Our specialists are highly skilled in wood and furniture repair for antiques as well as full reupholstery. There are many benefits to repairing your chairs rather than replacing them. From the reduced carbon footprint to the better quality of older furniture, there is a multitude of reasons as to why you should bring your old and broken chairs to Foxwood.

  • Reduced carbon footprint

Nowadays, everything is designed to be discarded. Furniture is made at a lower quality than it used to be so you will be forced to buy a new piece when it breaks. By repairing or restoring your chairs, you can reduce the need for brand new furniture, thus reducing your carbon footprint. Also, by getting your chairs repaired, you reduce the need for more trees and materials to be made.

  • New Style, Same Piece

By having your chairs restored and repaired, you can choose a whole new style. You can get a brand new look for your room and furniture for less than buying all new furniture. You can keep your favorite pieces while having it match your room! And at Foxwood Restoration, we have loads of materials to choose from to really change up the look of your chairs.

  • Extension of Use

Another great benefit of repairing your old furniture is the extension of its life. Some older chairs are built with better quality than todays. By repairing the chairs with a new look you are adding years to their life and getting better use out of it.

About Foxwood Furniture Restoration Services

We provide many services including fine furniture and antique repairs, stripping and refinishing, hand and machine cane replacement, as well as the rush and reweaving of chairs. And we have been serving the local Michigan cities of Novi, Howell, Brighton, and Lansing for upwards of 25 years. You can count on us! Also, Foxwood Restoration is an insurance claim specialist when it comes to navigating through your homeowner’s insurance loss.  We have worked with many insurance companies through the years including; Pioneer Insurance, Auto-Owners, State Farm, AAA Insurance, and more.

Visit our large facility and showroom or call us at  810-220-0123 for more information. And if you would like to get your chairs repaired, submit an estimate form today! We can’t wait to meet you!