Leather Reupholster at Foxwood

20 years can create a lot of memories. When it comes to furniture, it is rare for them to last two decades. Even for a great couch, the life expectancy at most is 15 years. However, when you love the furniture you have, it feels impossible to let it go. Most people, don’t think about furniture repair or restoration as a viable option. After all, most people associated the word restoration with repairing furniture that belongs to another era. Furniture restoration can be done to modern furniture too. Why give up on a beloved couch, when you can have a couch restoration done at Foxwood?

Doug’s Story

For 20 years, Doug loved his couch. However, like all things, time was taking its toll. Its firm cushions were becoming soft and plush, causing people to sink in. The wear and tear of constant use were showing in the leather. Doug’s couch was showing its age. Maybe it was time? But Doug didn’t want to give up his couch. But Doug couldn’t spend $800 a hide to replace the leather on his couch.  That’s when Doug found Foxwood Furniture Restoration.

Leather Reupholstery

leather reupholster

At Foxwood, we understand exactly what Doug’s couch needed. With over 30 years of experience, Foxwood has been returning antique furniture to its prime with integrity. When it comes to leather, preserving or restoring the old leather is impossible. During the restoration process, the leather is removed is replaced with a new leather hide. For Doug, he chose to replace his old leather with faux leather. Although the wear and tear leather were gone, the couch was not back to its prime.

The cushions were still showing their age. Without firm cushions, the couch would not be properly restored. That’s why Foxwood took the time to restuff every cushion, so every aspect of the couch was revitalized. With new leather and firm cushions, the couch returned to how it was 20 years ago. When Doug saw his restored couch, he was amazed to see it look and feel good as new.

While Doug’s couch needed a leather reupholstery for its restoration, each piece of furniture is unique. At Foxwood, we are prepared to handle your furniture repair and restoration needs. Do you have a piece of furniture that needs some care? Contact us today to see what we can do for you!