Cow Hide Reupholstered Antique Chair

This Reupholster project was of great specialty. We were given these unique antique chairs in need of a facelift and we brought them back to life. There is no need to throw these beautiful pieces of furniture away. Especially if they have been in your family or have special meaning to you. If your antique chairs are in need of repairs, replacements and need to be reupholstered we can do all those things and save your chairs for decades to come to keep in the family.

The Upholstery was removed from these antique chairs and replaced with real cowhide. This gave these chairs a Beautiful designer look!

Before and After Real Cow Hide Reupholstered Antique Chair

reupholstered antique chair cow hide

Before and After

Cow Hide fabric is great for Southwestern or Western themed room. The hide is durable and can also be made into sofas, bar stools, chairs, pillows, and other items to match around the home. Using cowhide gives a sophisticated authentic designer feel to the room. You can’t beat the laid back comfortable feel with an elegant look with this cowhide chair.

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