Art Deco and Jazz Modern Style Furniture

Art Deco or Jazz Modern furniture requires very skilled craftsmanship. Colored and patterned fabrics should be matched to form a balanced look. Sometimes satin and furs or animal skins are used to re-upholster retro-style furniture. Armchairs and sofas have semi-circular backs and square or rectangular bases with deep, smooth rounded upholstery and large seat cushions.

What is Art Deco,  Jazz Modern Style Furniture?

Art Deco is a type of design that is re-interpreted from classicism. Normally, Art Deco has different patterns such as rectilinear, symmetrical, or clean-lines. The wood carved for the furniture is usually very detailed with geometrical shapes. Jazz Modern Furniture main focus is the curves of the designs and patterns. Both Art Deco and Jazz Modern Furniture are manufactured to produce a rich and elegant new look.

Can Art Deco or Jazz Modern Furniture be re-upholstered and restored?

The answer is yes, here at Foxwood Restorations, we use our restoration techniques and expertise to re-upholster your style furniture the way you want it.

No one can determine when a flood or fire will occur, or even when your furniture will start to deteriorate. But, when it happens, you’ll want your furniture to be restored by professionals. That’s where we come in! Contact us today to get your furniture re-upholstered. Our Art Deco and Jazz Modern designs are very popular. If you want to know more about Foxwood Restorations, check out our ‘about us‘ page.