Antique Hoosier Restoration

Before After Dan of Canton Michigan inherited this antique Hoosier from his Grandmother who lived to be 108 years old. The Hoosier was dropped off in a truckload of pieces as the Antique Hoosier restoration had not been in operation for about 50 years. Also, the owner did not know if it would even go […]

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Types of Woods Used In Antique Furniture

There are various types of woods used in antique furniture. Unlike modern furniture, antique furnishing was crafted with the best materials for their time. After all, mass production was not available. As a result, furniture was made to last. One of the ways to guarantee the quality of the product was through wood selection. The […]

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Repair Your Chairs At Foxwood Restorations

Repair your chairs at Foxwood

Are your chairs damaged and in need of restoration? Repair your chairs and restore them at Foxwood Restorations! Here at Foxwood, we are the official chair hospital for furniture in Livingston and Oakland County. We will tighten your high-quality chairs, secure them, and return them to their former glory! After we repair them, they will […]

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