Furniture With A Distressed Finish

Are you looking for a furniture piece with character? A newly popularized furniture trend is the aged painted or wood with a distressed finish. In a state as full of history as Michigan, nothing is more beautiful than a distressed piece of furniture. Foxwood Furniture Restorations embraces this beauty. A distressed finish, also known as […]

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Creating a Faux Wood Finish

If you’ve never heard of “Faux Bois” technique or faux wood staining, let us introduce you! Faux Bois is a French wood staining technique that dates back to the Renaissance period. Faux bois is a French term that literally translates to fake wood. Which perfectly describes the effect created by this staining technique. Creating a […]

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Antique Wood Furniture Repairs at Foxwood Restorations

We love antiques at Foxwood Restorations! There are a unique story and family history that comes with each antique that comes into our shop. We love helping to preserve that story and history. Each time we get to take an old or damaged piece and repair it to its original splendor we get a huge […]

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