Piano Restoration

restored antique piano

Restored Piano

Piano restoration is a process that many people have not experienced first hand. For centuries, pianos have been crafted from fine and hard woods. High-quality pianos are priceless, especially if it is a rare model. However, restoring a priceless antique is not the only reason people would restore a piano.

Why Restore a Piano?

People attempt to restore pianos for many reasons. First of all, restoring an instrument can preserve its heritage. Many pianos are product of their times, making each generation of piano different and unique. Protecting the history of the instrument can be very rewarding. There is also sentimental value, especially for heirloom.

However, the restoration process can also improve the quality and sound. Older pianos were made with higher-quality materials and craftsmanship that affect the sound of the instrument. Restoring the piano will allow the owner to bring out the full potential of any piece played. But, the process of restoring such an instrument is lengthy and delicate.

Piano Restoration Process

Piano restoration is a very delicate process. The restoration requires a minimum of three different technicians. A professional mover, a sound board & keyboard technician, and a wood restoration expert. All three technicians must work in conjunction for the successful outcome of the piano being restored.

However, before the restoration begins, the piano needs to be assessed by the technicians for its integrity and mechanisms. After determining what needs to be fixed, it is disassembled and cleaned. For wood restoration, this is the time to repair and refinish the instrument. Various tasks we perform while restoring the piano:

  • Vat strip work
  • Hand strip work
  • Hand sanding
  • Careful fills of any nicks and gouges

Piano restoration and repair is a very delicate process, the outcome is worth it.

The outcome of a restored piano is lovely. An old seasoned sound board in a old piano Piano Restoration(at least 25 years) can be very irreplaceable. The sound board has settled through the years and the tone (to a true musician is rich and non achievable in a newer piano). The real wood of the the old piano is also replaceable.  The authentic ivory keys on an old piano is something that is longer available. Plastic resin keys are now used.

We use great care and know how valuable and priceless your vintage piano is. We take all the precautions and steps to restore antique pianos, contact Foxwood Restoration Company located in Brighton Michigan for all your restoration needs.