Repair or Re-Upholster your Chair

If you need to repair or reupholster your chair, then you should contact Foxwood Restorations!  While chairs are used for sitting, people tend to forget how well-designed this piece of furniture is. Typically, chairs usually don’t weigh that much but are capable of supporting a couple hundred pounds. This includes when it is being rocked […]

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Rocking Chair Repair & Restoration for a Wedding

  When it comes to family heirlooms, you want to keep them in the family. However, furniture repair and restoration are required. After all, time is not kind to furniture. That was the situation that Betty had. This Ann Arbor local wanted to give a special family heirloom to her newly-wed daughter at her wedding. […]

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Furniture Repair Services For Ann Arbor

Furniture Repair in Ann Arbor and Brighton

Over the last couple of years, the people of Ann Arbor are spending a lot more time with their furniture. We are all starting to see issues with our furniture that we didn’t pay attention to when we were not home all the time. That eyesore broken chair in the corner that no one uses? […]

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