What Makes An Antique Valuable?

Do you know if your antique is valuable? At Foxwood Restorations, we get a lot of questions about determining the worth of the antiques. People who are trying to get their antiques or family heirlooms restored often don’t know their value. Understanding your antique’s worth is important for a variety of reasons such as insurance. […]

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Distressed Furniture Restoration

Fall is nearly upon us! That means it is a perfect time to go through your attic and other storage space. Downsizing can be a great way to save space but it’s hard when you have family heirlooms and antiques that have seen better days. Even if your furniture is in bad condition, it doesn’t […]

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Painting or Staining Your Furniture

Painting or restaining your antique furniture can make your heirloom look good as new! Nearly everyone has an antique piece of furniture or two. Something that was passed down through a family for generations. Regardless of how many generations it has been in the family, these antiques retain a sentimental value that is impossible to […]

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