Distressed Furniture Restoration

Distressed Furniture Restoration

Fall is nearly upon us! That means it is a perfect time to go through your attic and other storage space. Downsizing can be a great way to save space but it’s hard when you have family heirlooms and antiques that have seen better days. Even if your furniture is in bad condition, it doesn’t mean it’s beyond repair. In fact, you can have distressed antiques go through furniture repair or restoration to bring them back to their former beauty!

Distressed Furniture Restoration

Recently, Foxwood Restoration had the opportunity to give a new look to a 100-year-old, oak bedroom set! The furniture set had a beautiful design carved into the oak wood. Furthermore, the craftsmanship would allow the bedroom set to be used for generations to come with the proper care. All it needed was a little repair and restoration. When restoring antique wood pieces like this bedroom set, Foxwood strips and sands the wood to prepare it for staining.

The stripping process removes old paint, stains, and varnish that is too far gone and damaged to the point it cannot just be renewed. However, even after stripping the wood, stains can still remain. That is why sanding the wood becomes necessary. Sanding removes whatever remains of the brittle and damaged layer, allowing for new staining and treatment to be applied. Foxwood offers two different types of staining for customers to choose from. These are milk paint and tinted stains. Regardless of which option a customer chooses, they will fall in love with their antique furniture once again.

Full-Service Repair & Restoration

If you need a distressed furniture restoration or repair, then your first stop should be Foxwood Furniture Restorations. For over 30 years, Foxwood has specialized in furniture restoration including; furniture refinishing, furniture repairs, furniture stripping and sanding, as well as, furniture upholstery. In addition, if you have furniture that has been damaged by water or fire, Foxwood can also repair it!

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