Painting or Staining Your Furniture

Aged Painting And Distressed Wood Finish

Painting or restaining your antique furniture can make your heirloom look good as new!

Nearly everyone has an antique piece of furniture or two. Something that was passed down through a family for generations. Regardless of how many generations it has been in the family, these antiques retain a sentimental value that is impossible to replace. So, when your sentimental items start to show their age, you want to improve their condition.

For wood furniture pieces, painting and staining are one of the best ways to revitalize your antiques.

When Should You Paint Your Furniture

First of all, you might be wondering what considerations to take when determining if you should paint or stain your antique furniture. If you want to give your furniture a fresh look, you probably consider a few factors. The quality of the antique should be taken into account before painting as painting or staining an antique diminishes the value of the piece. As a result, you might want to reconsider or possibly sell the furniture (depending on the sentimental and/or real value). You also should reconsider painting if your antique is made out of exotic woods like mahogany, cherry, or satinwood. These old woods should not be hidden behind paint or staining.

However, if your furniture is structurally sound but looks bad, a fresh coat of paint can bring it back to life! In addition, if you are not worried about maintaining value, painting can help blend your family heirloom with your current home decor. Antique furniture is supposed to be shared for generations to come, so why not?

Furniture Restaining and Painting at Foxwood

Painting Furniture

Antique furniture repairs and restorations are delicate work, even if it’s just painting and staining. Fortunately, Foxwood has decades of experience working with family heirlooms and antiques. We can help you stain and paint your furniture to the color you desire.

Struggling to pick out the right color? Foxwood can create sample finishes and paints to help the decision process easier! In fact, we do samples of your desired finish or paint for all of our projects. A newly painted can transform your furniture into a new accent piece for your home. Antique furniture from past generations can warm your home and give you many years of joy and comfort!

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