Furniture Refinishing In Ann Arbor

Furniture Refinishing In Ann Arbor

The process of repair and restoring furniture is extensive. After all, returning furniture to its prime takes time. That is why Foxwood has dedicates itself to mastering its craft. In fact, it prides itself in the various services that we provide. From basic repairs, reupholstery, and restoration, Foxwood can handle all their clients’ needs. We also do furniture refinishing in Ann Arbor.

But most people do not know what that means. The word refinishing is often interchanging with restoration and repairs. After all, people can easily identify what restoration and repair are. These terms are common. So, what is refinishing? And how does it compare?


What is Refinishing?

Knowing the definitions can help reassure people. Especially when they need a professional service. Refinishing is a process that strips the furniture of its current finish. Chemical strippers are used for removing the finish. Afterward, the wood goes through sanding, staining, and refinishing. This process helps remove damages, stains, or peeling paint. Refinishing allows old and scarred furniture to gain new life. However, there is a risk to antique furniture’s value. Most antique collectors and dealers can notice these changes. And there is a risk of too much refinishing and restoration. This can leave your antique furniture less valuable. However, personal value is also important.

What is the Difference Between Refinishing and Restoration?

So, what is the difference between refinishing and restoration? After all, you need to be able to communicate what you’re looking for. In comparison to restoring furniture, refinishing is about fixing the current finish. There is less work that goes into this process compared to restoration. However, it does focus more on repairing the finish and removing stains and damages before refinishing. While refinishing is good to return life to a piece of furniture, restoration is different. It is an in-depth process that focuses on returning furniture to functional and original condition.

During the restoration process, damaged portions are either repaired or replaced. This could include trying to find old pieces that match the original furniture. This process can include the refinish process, as the primary purpose is to use whatever you can to return the piece to its original state.

Furniture Refinishing in Ann Arbor

Refinishing can be seen as a form of restoration. However, its purpose is different from the restoration. Whether your furniture needs refinishing or an overhaul, Foxwood can help you. For 30 years, Foxwood has been restoring antiques and other kinds of furniture for its clients. However, we don’t just offer our services in Ann Arbor. Foxwood is also located in Brighton! Our professionals are dedicated to restoring furniture’s integrity.

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