Popular Furniture Finishes

Whether your piece of furniture is from a flea market, old friend or you’ve had it since the beginning of time, it can be refinished. Our experts are tasked with refinishing wood furniture every day. With our customer’s desired look in mind, it’s up to our professional woodworkers in Michigan, on how the piece will be refinished and repaired if necessary. There are many popular furniture finishes available including color and style of finish.

Want a new look, or maybe an old or antique look? We love to reproduce the look of an old piece that has multiple layers of paint. For this, we apply multiple colors of paint and aging techniques to achieve a heavy quality look of a cracked patina finish

Pulled Patina Wood Finish

Pulled finishes are one of the most popular furniture finishes and one of the many artistic finishes we produce at Foxwood Restoration. Our crackle finish begins to react the minute we lay down on the furniture. For large surfaces, we spray the coat of paint over the crackle medium to create a pulled aged patina finish. 

Chalk Paint Finish

Try Foxwood’s chalk paint and milk paint finishes. Some of our many popular colors are; cranberry, cupboard blue, olde ivory, linen white, olde pewter, latern glow, yankee blue, barn red, olde brick red, bittersweet, Confederate red, brownstone, salt box blue, Plymouth blue, lamp black and manor house white!

Refinishing procedures for long cupboard

We gave a NEW PAINTED LOOK for furniture that you might put into the “Junk category.” Not this one. We saved, refinished and transformed this cupboard, and here’s how:

  • Furniture piece was chemically stripped with our in-house Vat.

    antique cupboard before refinishing

    Before Refinishing

  • We then used a fine grade of sandpaper and removed the excess from the surface, leveling the
    red wood cabinet milk paint

    After Refinishing

    surface out to a smooth texture.

  • Sanded all other areas of the cupboard
  • Filled any old holes
  • After this, we primed the surface with a stain blocking primer and sealer.
  • Then, we then sprayed on a chalk painted grey, brick red paint.
  • Afterward, we distressed with ages of dust powder for a beautiful aged patina finish look.

You can always do-it-yourself if your one of those people, but no one wants to spend a few days with a scrapper and stripper. Let Foxwood Restorations in Brighton MI, refinish the piece of furniture you’ve been thinking about getting rid of. Call or contact us today.

Refinishing furniture with popular furniture finishes for residents of  Brighton, Howell, Milford, South Lyon, Whitmore Lake and other local communities nearby, is our passion.

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