Gift for a Lifetime

reupholstered chair is gift for a Lifetime

Why not give the gift that will last a lifetime with refurbished or reupholstered furniture?

Every family has a special piece of furniture that they love. Something that holds a lot of sentimental meaning because of the number of memories tied to it. For me, that piece of furniture is an old recliner that my grandpa always sat in. Regardless of the time of year, that recliner continues to remind me of my grandpa even in its dilapidated state. In fact, years of wear and tear have made the recliner a shadow of its former self. Although I love that recliner, it is finally at the end of its life. However, that may not be the case for some precious pieces in your family. If your parents or grandparents are still holding onto their sentimental keepsakes, you can give them the perfect gift by restoring it!

The Gift of Reupholstered Furniture

Everyone is aware that furniture can hold sentimental value that makes it hard to let it go. That is why restoring these items can be a great gift. Instead of buying a cheap replacement, you can keep making fond memories with your old furniture. If its not an antique now, it may be someday! Depending on the state of the furniture, you might have to get it refurbished as well as reupholstered. In any case, having it done will bring a that piece of furniture back to life. At the same time, you can tackle any broken parts with some repair work! The best part is that you will have an active roll in helping restore the furniture by choosing fabrics and staining. Whether it’s a settee, table, chair, or something else, Foxwood Restorations will help you procure the gift that will last a lifetime!

Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, it really doesn’t matter. Even if it can’t be ready on the day of, a gift like this doesn’t have to be. After all, working together with the intended can be a part of it!

Contact Foxwood today and give the gift that keeps on giving!

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