Leather Reupholster at Foxwood

20 years can create a lot of memories. When it comes to furniture, it is rare for them to last two decades. Even for a great couch, the life expectancy at most is 15 years. However, when you love the furniture you have, it feels impossible to let it go. Most people, don’t think about furniture repair or restoration as a viable option. After all, most people associated the word restoration with repairing furniture that belongs to another era. Furniture restoration can be done to modern furniture too. Why give up on a beloved couch, when you can have a couch restoration done at Foxwood?

Doug’s Story

For 20 years, Doug loved his couch. However, like all things, time was taking its toll. Its firm cushions were becoming soft and plush, causing people to sink in. The wear and tear of constant use were showing in the leather. Doug’s couch was showing its age. Maybe it was time? But Doug didn’t want to give up his couch. But Doug couldn’t spend $800 a hide to replace the leather on his couch.  That’s when Doug found Foxwood Furniture Restoration.

Leather Reupholstery

leather reupholster

At Foxwood, we understand exactly what Doug’s couch needed. With over 30 years of experience, Foxwood has been returning antique furniture to its prime with integrity. When it comes to leather, preserving or restoring the old leather is impossible. During the restoration process, the leather is removed is replaced with a new leather hide. For Doug, he chose to replace his old leather with faux leather. Although the wear and tear leather were gone, the couch was not back to its prime.

The cushions were still showing their age. Without firm cushions, the couch would not be properly restored. That’s why Foxwood took the time to restuff every cushion, so every aspect of the couch was revitalized. With new leather and firm cushions, the couch returned to how it was 20 years ago. When Doug saw his restored couch, he was amazed to see it look and feel good as new.

While Doug’s couch needed a leather reupholstery for its restoration, each piece of furniture is unique. At Foxwood, we are prepared to handle your furniture repair and restoration needs. Do you have a piece of furniture that needs some care? Contact us today to see what we can do for you!

Kristen and Dan from Birmingham

Furniture Reupholstery in BirminghamRecently, we helped a local young couple restore a piece of antique furniture that has been passed through their family for generations. Kristen is a medical student at Wayne State University in Detroit and Dan is a regional sales manager from Grosse Pointe. The soon-to-be-married couple wanted to put Dan’s great-grandfather’s couch in the living room of their new home in Birmingham. 

Furniture Reupholstery in Birmingham

The couch is a circa 1850s empire-style sofa with beautiful soft lines. However, the dated upholstery design of the couch didn’t fit with the design of their new home. So, Kristen and Dan decided to have the couch re-upholstered by Foxwood Furniture Restorations! The couple has grandparents in Ann Arbor, MI that loved the idea of reupholstering the couch to its original glory and encouraged the repairs. 

When it came to picking a new fabric, Kristen and Dan selected a high-end royal green velvet fabric. As you can see, the fabric gives the old couch a luxurious new look. There is truly nothing quite like real velvet. The couch also needed a few repairs. The experienced contractors at Foxwood Restoration repaired an unstable wooden leg and did color replacement on the wood frame of the couch. Now, the antique couch is as good as new!

Furniture Reupholstery and Restoration in Southeast MichiganAntique Furniture Reupholstery in Birmingham

Here at Foxwood, we have decades of experience when it comes to furniture reupholstery in Birmingham. We have serviced clients all over Southeast Michigan in cities such as Ann Arbor, Howell, Brighton, Detroit, and more! When it comes to restoring or repairing an important familial antique, Foxwood is the best choice for you! If you have a favorite piece of furniture in need of repair, bring it into Foxwood! Contact us at 810-220-0123 or submit a quote through our website for an estimate today!

Restoring Samantha’s Ann Arbor Furniture

Furniture Repair Ann ArborHere at Foxwood, we have experience when it comes to furniture repair and restoration in Ann Arbor and around Southeastern Michigan. For decades, people within the community have trusted us with their most treasured furniture pieces. We preserve the sentimental value while also restoring furniture to its former glory. 

Samantha’s Furniture Repair Story

Just recently, we restored a channel back upholstered chair for Samantha of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Samantha wanted to give her old chair a fresh new look while maintaining its original character and history. It was a strong and comfortable chair with a swivel. The channel back chair was sentimental to Samantha as it had been used by her three young children who loved to play and spin on the swiveling chair. All three of her children had grown up playing and having fun on the comfortable chair. 

Unfortunately, the chair was starting to show its age through matted upholstery and a faded design pattern. Samantha knew she had to find a reliable company to fix the problems and save the history stored in that chair. It was only when she was moving to a country property in the area of Ypsilanti that she decided to have the chair reupholstered here at Foxwood. Not only did she want to chair to be reupholstered, but she also wanted to give the comfortable chair an updated look. Fortunately, we were able to reupholster the chair and add a new fabric that Samantha chose. The end product was a fine-quality chair with a fresh new look that Samantha could be proud of. 

In addition, Samantha was so happy with her restored chair that she referred some of her friends from Saline, Wood Refinishing Ann ArborMichigan! They wanted to have the wood refinishing done to their full dining room table set. We were able to refinish the table, chairs, and hutch to restore the youth and beauty of the wood.

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Furniture Restoration in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Foxwood Restorations is a high-end restoration furniture company with all of your furniture needs in one large industrial building. Call us today at 810-220-0123 to restore your most prized sentimental furniture from your great grandma and grandpa! Furniture from the past is all we can leave behind for our loved family members. By getting your favorite furniture repaired by us, you can ensure that the piece can be passed down through the generations. Contact us today to find out more about Ann Arbor furniture repair!

Furniture Repair Services For Ann Arbor

Furniture Repair in Ann Arbor and Brighton

Over the last couple of years, the people of Ann Arbor are spending a lot more time with their furniture. We are all starting to see issues with our furniture that we didn’t pay attention to when we were not home all the time.

That eyesore broken chair in the corner that no one uses? We can help repair it and make it look its best! That threadbare armchair with the stains on the seat that needs a new look? Foxwood can reupholster it with new fabric and stuffing to make it look brand new. Is that wood antique table tired-looking? We can restore it to bring it back to its old patina and beautiful original look.

Our Furniture Repair Services in Brighton

Here at Foxwood, we have been servicing the people of Brighton for years. An example of this is Dale. Dale is a resident in Brighton, Michigan and he brought in his grandmother’s antique rocking chair. The insides of the chair had become flat which caused the chair to lose its beauty and support. Also, the circa “1950” chair was ready for the burn pile. But the chair was very sentimental to Dale as he remembered hours of sitting on his grandma’s lap in that chair. He was willing to do anything to save the chair that he remembered in his memories.  

Dale remembered hearing about Foxwood and decided to take a chance. He contacted us and within a few days, Dale was able to look at all of the hundreds of fabrics that Foxwood has online and selected about a dozen of his favorites that were sent to his home. After matching a few of the fabrics to his other furniture, he picked his favorite and the reupholstery of his chair was started. Foxwood finished his chair in about 30 days and Dale was able to bring it home. Now, Dale is happy sitting in and enjoying his grandmother’s reupholstered rocking chair that will last from generation to generation.

Repair Your Furniture Instead of Replacing It

We spend a lot of time with our furniture and it does get worn and break. With prices rising on materials it probably would be better to repair your furniture than replace it. Be sure to avail yourself of Foxwood’s furniture repair services. Whether you live in Ann Arbor or closer to Brighton, we do a lot of service up and down the U.S. 23 corridor. Foxwood Furniture Restoration is open for curbside service from 12 PM to 5 PM Monday through Friday, Saturday is by appointment only. Finally, for more information, please contact us today!