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When choosing to reupholster a piece of furniture, there are many important details to think about.  What is the look and feel you are trying to establish?  What will the fabric feel like to your skin when spending much time sitting on the furniture?

Do you want a more modern look or do you want to consider and antique reproduction fabric? Also, do you have pets or children?  Will your piece require the durability of a tightly-woven fabric or maybe even a faux leather? Perhaps most importantly how can you avoid making a fabric mistake that you will regret later?

Chair Restoration Fabric Choices

We can assist you and help you make your fabric choice here at Foxwood Restorations. First, we will pull certain books and ideas out for you to choose from thus eliminating  1000s of color samples available once we learn a little bit about your color and texture preferences.

At Foxwood, we encourage you to take samples home so that you can live with then a few days in your own home. In addition, the light in your home is very unique and colors will reflect differently once in your home.

Also, maybe 1  or 2  accents pillow designed for your chair would be just the added touch you are looking for. Perhaps you can get the input of other family members.  We want you to love your fabric for years to come.

We are often asked to repair springs on chairs. Furthermore, springs are usually included in chairs that are at least 10 years old. Springs are a sign of a high-quality chair.

The fact is we at Foxwood Restorations do NOT work with any chairs that are not at least 10 years old.  The reason being the furniture made in the last 10 years is simply not good enough quality for us to work with.

Modern Furniture Is Inferior To Antique Furniture

The materials are inferior, the structure is inferior and newer furniture simply does not restore or reupholster well. That being said,  we can usually retie old springs in chairs.  As a matter of fact, our desire is to always to use original springs to the chair. The springs in an old chair are truly a work of art, custom design quality and beauty  They can never be reproduced or ever replaced.

Again we always re-tie and restore original spring work in a chair if at all possible. Once a spring has several breaks there is, unfortunately, no alternative but to rebuild the support system for the chair with craftsmanship wood support and high-quality foams.  This most certainly can be done with great success, however,  always know the original springs are the best for your chair if possible.  It is our job at Foxwood Restorations always. to preserve as much of the original integrity of your chair or couch as possible.

Reasons For Chair Restoration

The older your chair or couch the better the quality you have in your possession. Also, older chairs are built to last lifetimes and they really do. Note, antique furniture in Europe is 1000 years or older and still gracefully and proudly being used in homes and castles.  The furniture of early American was built just as well 200 – 400 years ago. There was only so many pieces made and they will never be made again.  So take these precious pieces of early America, preserve them and proudly display them in your home.

Finally, I say Bravo to all the many customers coming into Foxwood Restoration. They are caring for and preserving and loving their furniture.  Contact Foxwood today for a quote on your chair restoration or any other furniture.

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