Before and After ReUpholstered Rocking Chair Repair

Have you been wanting to get a piece of your furniture reupholstered, refinished, or debating on throwing it away? There are many options to choose from when it comes to old and antique furniture and that is what Foxwood Restorations is here for.

There may be damages to the wood on your furniture, you may notice your chair is not rocking the same as it used to. Depending on the damage determines what type of repair it may need, it may be as simple as a scratch, chip, or warn edge. Or it may be a more extensive wood repair, either way, Foxwood Restoration will color replace or touch up the wood on your chair before we reupholster it. We also check the joints and repair your chair. Our professional craftsmen will go over your repair options along with showing you our large selection of fabrics to choose from to reupholster your furniture.

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Color Replace and Touch Up wood on Re-Upholstered Rocking Chair

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As you can see this rocking chair got a rocking facelift! The fabric picked out by our customer did the rocking chair more than a little justice, along with the color replacement of a darker wood color on the wood rocking legs of the chair.

Call or Contact Us today for inquiries and professional advice on restoring your furniture, check out our gallery and Facebook page for more info and before and after pictures of the hard work we put into making your furniture look new and just how you want it!

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Services provided by Foxwood Furniture Restoration Brighton MI

  • Re-Upholstery Services
  • Repairing Stripping Frame Repairs
  • Repairing surface defects
  • Re-gluing Joints
  • Replacing missing legs, arms, slats and other pieces
  • Repairing broken sections
  • Repairing cracks and splits
  • And more

If you have furniture that needs refinishing and restoring with other repairs needed please contact us, our experts work hard in bringing your furniture back to life the way you imagine it, we take pride in restoring antique types of furniture.

Before and After photos of Furniture Refinishing and Restoration

restoration chair before and after

Before / After

refinished bench before and after

Before / After




Repair or Re-Upholster your Chair

A chair is normally thought of as just something to sit on, but, much like a bridge it is quite a piece of structural engineering.

Chairs usually don’t weigh much, but they often support a couple hundred pounds that might be rocking or tilted back on two legs.
This strength is a possible because of the bracing between the legs, back, and seat. You can easily understand that one loose joint puts a much greater strain on additional joints, causing them to weaken and separate.

Prevent your chair from breaking or having to repair your chairrepaired chair

Major problems can be avoided by inspecting and repairing the minor ones as soon as they are noticed.

The chair to the right has been re-upholstered with leather and we tightened and replaced some of the joints. This is a great way to save a chair, whether it is an antique piece of furniture that has been in your family for years or just a chair that you love. We can save it and bring it back to life! Contact Foxwood Restorations for more details and any questions you may have.