Give Your Old Furniture An Upgrade With Furniture Stripping and Bleaching!

This month at Foxwood furniture we have been obsessed with stripping and bleaching furniture. These looks give your furniture a nice natural look that accent the natural wood and craftsmanship. Foxwood Furniture Restorations is your local furniture stripping and bleaching company in the Brighton and Ann Arbor area! Let our trained experienced experts take your old and antique furniture and give it an upgrade!

You might be asking yourself “What is furniture stripping and bleaching and why should I leave it to a professional?” we have a few reasons.

Furniture Stripping

Furniture Stripping is when you take a piece of furniture that was painted and remove the paint through either a messy chemical process or by hand. This process requires time, patience, attention to detail, and a delicate hand. While the results are amazing, the process can be tedious. Stripping an entire furniture set can take more than a weekend, which is time you can’t get back.

Furniture Bleaching

Furniture bleaching is a technique used to repair stains, even out wood tones, and makes for a unique powdery opaque finish. There are different types of bleach you can use, different ways to seal, and different ratios that you have to consider when bleaching furniture. Your family heirloom is not the place to start your first furniture bleaching DIY project. Come to for bleaching and rest easy that the final results will be exactly what you wanted.

Pro Tip: Upholstery Fabric –

A big tip from the team here at Foxwood Furniture: If you are reupholstering your furniture pick out your fabric first. It’s a lot easier to match finishes to fabrics than it is to match fabrics to finishes.

If your furniture or antiques aren’t ready for a stripping or bleaching job, let us help fix them! Our experienced passionate team has years of experience in repairing everything from broken wicker furniture to that pesky pull out drawers that get stuck!

Sometimes all your furniture needs is a nice layer of paint. Painting your antique furniture can give any old piece a fresh new look. We spray all furniture in our spray booths for a professional fresh new. Do you want to have your furniture lightly distressed or heavily distressed? Just let us know and our in house paint artists will work up a sample board for you to look at. Get an estimate today for your furniture.


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