Restore Wooden Benches and Refinish Wooden Pews

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Churches, Cathedrals, Synagogues, and Temples come to Foxwood Restorations for all of Your Restoration Woodworking Needs…

Day in and day out the furniture and wooden pews in your church or synagogue take a beating. Members standing and sitting, kneeling, unidentified stains, mysterious damage, and random scratches to your pews accumulate over time.

This leaves your seating less than attractive and worn out looking. In addition damage to your wood pews over time can diminish the history of your chapel or temple. We here at Foxwood furniture have a history of repairing and reupholstering wood pews and seating from different houses of worship and will help restore your seating to its former glory.

Save Money and Update Your Church or Temple

Church pew and church furniture restoration can make your worn, tired church furniture look better than new. It’s far more affordable than replacing your entire sanctuary’s seating. Keeping the church pews, pulpit and church interior pristine and restored is less expensive than you think, especially Foxwoodrestorains of Livingston and Oakland county do the work.

Many of these aged beautiful seating structures should never be removed from the original structure they are placed in. Our talented crew will come on site to repair and restore your beautiful altars and pews back to their original luster. 

Restoring Wooden Pews

Let us give your chairs and pews a second lease on life

Foxwood Restorations will repair, color replace, and restain wood that has been worn down through many years of use. Also, we will reseal all the woodwork to not only give it longevity but also bring it back to its most beautiful original luster. Our team can also create custom made seating for all of your pews if desired.  This offers a great update to your pews and can give your chapel a new lease on life.

Our team can also create custom made seating for all of your pews if desired.  This offers a great update to your pews and can give your chapel a new lease on life.

Choose a local company with experience and a passion for restoration and reupholstery work.

We can provide your church or tabernacle with the following on-site services:

  • Repair broke or chipped wood
  • Refinish surfaces to glowing luster
  • reupholster ripped cushions or seating
  • Remove water marks and rings from tables
  • Remove gum and stuck-on objects

All of these services can be done on site by our professional and expert craftsmen on site and at our shop. Let Foxwood Restorations give your pews and chairs a second life

Finally, give us a call and we can give you an estimate (on-site visit may be required for accurate quote).

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  • bob mechelke says:

    Do you work in Wisconsin also? Catholic church here 24 pews consider padding to seats.

    Gilman wis. 54433. Pews need stripping and stained also some veneer damage.

  • Sarah Tingle says:

    Sarah Tingle
    Faith Baptist Church
    502 Broadway
    My pastor Paul T.Kennedy is interested in getting our church pews redone over.He wants them to be sanded down and revarnish
    over.The Backings on the pews put on for the books and bibles.If you can call me.I can have the pastor to meet us at the
    church when it is convenient .You can send me a email or call me at 856-220-3853

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