Restoring Sharen’s Furniture From Ann Arbor

Furniture From Ann Arbor

Here at Foxwood Restoration, we would like to share a story about Sharen and her furniture from Ann Arbor. Sharon grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan and was an only child. Her mother was an accountant and also a single parent. Sharen was an only child and very close to her mother. After getting her degree in social work, Sharen moved to Saline, Michigan.  Sharen’s mom Julie, continued to do accounting work out of her home office until she got dementia.

At this time, Sharon had to move her mother over to a nursing home in Ann Arbor. IN addition, to keep as much familiarity with items around her mother as possible, Sharen decided to keep and reupholster all 5 chairs of her mother’s furniture.  By this time, her mother had developed incontinence. All of her furniture would have to be recovered in vinyl so it can be easily cleaned. Sharen wanted to keep the same original colors of the furniture that her mother Julie could feel some familiarity with the furniture. That is exactly what Foxwood Restorations did.

Furniture From Ann Arbor Restorations

Owner Betty FoxThis is just one example of some of the restoring and reupholstering work we do for people in Ann Arbor. Of course, we also serve Saline, Brighton, and all the surrounding cities as well. If you have furniture you would like to restore to its former glory contact us today. You can also give us a call at Brighton: 810-220-0123, Ann Arbor: 734-237-9099, anytime. Our experienced staff can help you decide on the right materials for your furniture and which options are best.

If you would like to give a new look to your furniture this holiday season, contact us today! From chairs, tables, desks, ottomans, you name it, if it is furniture we can restore it!

Ann Arbor Home & Furniture Restoration Story

BeforeAnn Arbor Furniture ProjectWe’d like to share a little story on a recent furniture restoration project that we did for this very nice couple that moved to Ann Arbor. As you may know, Ann Arbor is a close-knit community with some beautiful older homes. Valerie and her husband had lived in the same spacious home for over 30 years. But as they grew older, they realized that it was time to retire and downsize their home. They wanted to look for a smaller home in the city of Ann Arbor, a city close to each of their hearts. Valerie and her husband met at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor years ago. And so, they decided to move back to the city that they held such warm feelings for.

Moving to Ann Arbor

Regency Style Armchair

Regency Style Armchair

French Style Wicker Chairs

French Style Wicker Chairs

 Valerie had a favorite designer that she had worked on and off with for many years.  She asked her designer to help her find a new home in Ann Arbor that would make her and her husband feel at home. This was not an easy task as they had lived in the same house for such a long time. After a long time of searching, Valerie and her husband found a house that caught their fancy. The quaint house was a vintage Ann Arbor style made of brick that had a stately curb appeal and it was in a well-established neighborhood. However, the large backyard was overgrown and the house had not been updated for over 20 years!

Victorian Style OttomanThe designer had a lot of work to do to get the home how they knew Valerie and her husband wanted it. Walls were moved, bathrooms were gutted and a brand-new kitchen was remodeled to blend into the family room. After many months of construction, the house was transformed and ready to move into.
Victorian Style Ottoman

Then came the need for furniture. Valerie and her husband had become very comfortable with their older, more high-quality furniture. It was the kind of furniture that was built to last with comfort and quality construction. Also, they really enjoyed the sit of the chairs, the back support, and the sizing of the furniture. But, the furniture didn’t match the design of their new home. 

Taking Their Furniture to Foxwood

Ann Arbor Furniture

Victorian Walnut Lady’s Chair

Victorian Walnut Lady's Chair

Victorian Walnut Lady’s Chair

And so, the decision was made to get all of their favorite furniture reupholstered and delivered to their new home. The designer brought fabrics to Valerie that they knew that she would love as well as match the décor of drapes, rugs, and the new colors in the newly remodeled home. Once Valerie chose her fabrics, the designer took her selections to Foxwood Furniture Restorations near Ann Arbor (us). They needed a local furniture restoration & upholstery company that they could go to for high-quality work and timely delivery.

All of the furniture was picked up by our considerate and skilled pick-up and delivery service. The chairs were recovered with care and experienced workmanship.  Seat cushions and back supports were made more firm and full or replaced when necessary. All of the inner springs were adjusted for tightness and any repairs necessary were done with old-world craftsmanship. The furniture was then stored in Foxwood’s temperature-controlled facility, protected and wrapped.


Baker Armchair

Baker Armchair

When their Ann Arbor home was complete, the chairs were delivered to Valerie’s new home in Ann Arbor to be placed exactly where the designer told them to be placed. The newly upholstered furniture was the final addition to the beautiful remodeled Ann Arbor heritage home. The furniture provided the home with warmth and character. All of us at Foxwood are proud to be a part of their journey.

Upholstery & Furniture Restoration Services in Ann Arbor

Foxwood Restoration offers a full line of fabrics,  re-upholstery services,  furniture repairs, full wood restoration and refinishing. Also, we now have a pick-up and delivery service that works to your schedule! We will transport your furniture because we understand that YOU are busy! With professionalism and care, we will take care of your precious furniture. In Ann Arbor, Michigan please contact us or call our local number at: 734-237-9099