New Tinted Stains, Milk Paint and Pillow Upholstery

Tinted Stains By Foxwood Restorations

We can stain your existing  furniture, we can also distress it. Take a look at  this wonderful old piece of furniture with a new aged green stain tint. We have Green, Grey, Blue stains available,  put a dark wash over it and aged, distressed and beautiful is what you get!

green tinted stain

Green Tinted Stain Cabinet

Newly Covered Pillows

upholstered pillows

Accent Pillows

With your newly upholstered chair, we can upholster your pillow to match! Or make a splash, add fun and colorful accent pillows to your newly upholstered chair. We can cover your existing pillows or
make you brand new ones.

Milk Paint Colors

red cabinet milk paint

Red Milk Paint

We also paint with any new milk paint colors such as; Barn Red, Cottage Rose, Brier wood Green, Yankee Blue or Cobblestone. We have artists on staff to make your piece of furniture look like the piece of art it deserves to!

Contact Foxwood Restoration Services in Brighton Michigan for any Specialty Upholstery, Refinishing, Repairs, Painting you are looking for your piece of furniture. We also specialize in restoring furniture from damage of fire and water, our professionals will assist you in your options and it’s our passion to do so!

Merry Christmas From Foxwood Restoration

Services provided by Foxwood Furniture Restoration Brighton MI

  • Re-Upholstery Services
  • Repairing Stripping Frame Repairs
  • Repairing surface defects
  • Re-gluing Joints
  • Replacing missing legs, arms, slats and other pieces
  • Repairing broken sections
  • Repairing cracks and splits
  • And more

If you have furniture that needs refinishing and restoring with other repairs needed please contact us, our experts work hard in bringing your furniture back to life the way you imagine it, we take pride in restoring antique types of furniture.

Before and After photos of Furniture Refinishing and Restoration

restoration chair before and after

Before / After

refinished bench before and after

Before / After




The Art of the Ottoman

For the month of September, Foxwood Restorations is highlighting the ottoman. For many, the ottoman has provided people with a fashionable form of seating dating back to the late 1820s. When the ottoman first debuted, it was originally made up of a simple upholstered box with a few loose cushions and a back. The original version of an ottoman had four seats arranged around a central box or two seats arranged back to back. After 1850, a new more complete version of ottomans was introduced that were modeled after a French gossip seat with the sitters facing each other.

Ottomans were not found everywhere. If you wanted to see an ottoman you would be most likely to find one in ballrooms, galleries, and other large spaces. In these settings, people were expected to only use them for a brief second and not lounge in them.

Brighton, Michigan Furniture Repair Services

Do you have an ottoman that needs to be reupholstered in Brighton? Foxwood Restorations is open Monday through Saturday from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm to serve you. We take pride in all of our furniture repair services that we provide for Brighton area residents. Foxwood Restorations also has over 70 years of experience restoring furniture back to its original state or even better! Contact us now so that we can get started on restoring your ottoman!