What Makes Antique Furniture Worth Restoring?

As a rule, any piece of furniture in good condition that passes through two generations starts increasing in value. A generation can be loosely defined as 20 to 25 years.  So today in the 21st Century all of our parents furniture is beginning to increase in value and worth restoration if needed.

Furniture from our previous generations is worth restoring

Have you heard the term Retro  furniture Lately?  Furniture manufactures are trying to reproduce our parent’s furniture and calling it Retro. The truth is, this furniture will never be made again in the solid construction or materials our original parent’s furniture was.  As you can see all furniture from our previous generations is worth restoring.

I as rule will not restore any piece of furniture less than 15 years old as this is when  manufacturers began to  build furniture  with press boards,  mixed glues with  sawdust and inferior rag woods such as popular and rubber trees.  I have witnessed the entire furniture industry quality go down to a laughable  piece of junk that looks pretty on the outside but is fundamentally nothing more than firewood kindle.

So treasure the furniture of your previous family generations.  Restore it, Repair it, treat it with love.  There will never again be any furniture produced  with this  fine woodworking, design and  high end woods.

~ Best, Betty.

Restoring A Chippendale Antique Furniture Piece Right Here In Brighton MI!

Original Chippendale Antique Furniture pieces are very rare to come by, although replicas and the style of antique furniture has lived on! Thomas Chippendale was a furniture and cabinet designer in the 1700’s his style of furniture is very popular, if you like antique furniture I’m sure you know all about him. Our restoration specialists, old world repair craftsmen and experienced re-finishers can restore originals and replicas.

In the mid-18th Century many wealthy home and furniture makers purchased these original handmade pieces and then made copies. Many replicas of Chippendale Style Furniture are hand carved but you can tell they are not originals because the depth and detail of the carving is not the same. Some identifiers antique furniture collectors look for are;

  • Hand sawing
  • Craftsmanship-hand planing
  • Handmade nails
  • Shrinkage of the wood
  • Made out of younger mahogany wood

Here at Foxwood Restoration we specialize in restoring antique furniture. Chippendale style antique furniture can be repaired and restored as long as exceptional care is taken. We are excited and honored to work on restoring and repairing types of Chippendale antique furniture. We take pride in the care and specialty we provide when restoring antique furniture for all of Livingston County and Michigan.

If you have any questions on Antique Chippendale antique furniture restoration contact us at 810-220-0123. We will be privileged to help you and provide you with the best knowledge possible on restoring your antique furniture.