Furniture Insurance Claim Assistance

You’ve had a fire or accident at your home or business and it is time to work with your insurance company. Isn’t’ it bad enough you have to deal with all the mess?  You can remove a little of the stress by letting us provide insurance claim assistance when it comes to your furniture.  We are your advocates and will work alongside with your adjuster to make sure everything is addressed.

Insurance Covered Furniture Restoration

We will make sure not one thing is missed in the restoration process. This is a very complicated process that requires knowledge in not only fire restoration, but insurance repair claims as well. The Foxwood Restoration Team is highly skilled and experienced in both, so you literally have nothing to worry about–our experienced people are trained to make the process as smooth a possible. We will work with your insurance company and adjuster, and be your advocate until the job is done.

Often times, furniture will hold in moisture that even we cannot see. Foxwood Restorations specializes in removing all of the water and hidden excess moisture. We will refinish the furniture for whatever fire or water damage there was.

Furniture Damage Documentation

We’ve seen the pain in the eyes of our customers after a fire has ruined their furniture and we know the heartache and stress that it may cause. Let us take the refinishing process off your shoulders so you can focus on more important things. We have a lot of experience in helping our customers properly document all their furniture.

Removing Damaged Furniture From Your Home

We will help to carefully remove damaged furniture from your home. Removing furniture from a fire damaged home takes knowledge and experience. Your furniture will be treated like the precious heirloom antiques they are.

We then transport them very carefully to our facility in Howell MI for restoration. We store the furniture in an environmentally safe and controlled storage unit while they are here. Where they are kept safe until you are ready to receive it back into your home. When ready, the freshly wrapped and beautifully restored antiques will then be ever so carefully placed back into your home.

Contact Us

If you plan on making an insurance claim on your furniture after a fire or flood, make your second call to Foxwood at 810-220-0123. We will do our part in a tough time to restore, refinish or reupholster your damaged furniture.  Or, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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