Cow Hide Reupholstered Antique Chair

This Reupholster project was of great specialty. We were given these unique antique chairs in need of a face life and we brought them back to life. There is no need to throw these beautiful pieces of furniture away. Especially if they have been in your family or have special meaning to you. If your […]

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New Tinted Stains, Milk Paint and Pillow Upholstery

Tinted Stains By Foxwood Restorations We can stain your existing  furniture, we can also distress it. Take a look at  this wonderful old piece of furniture with a new aged green stain tint. We have Green, Grey, Blue stains available,  put a dark wash over it and aged, distressed and beautiful is what you get! […]

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Repair or Re-Upholster your Chair

A chair is normally thought of as just something to sit on, but, much like a bridge it is quite a piece of structural engineering. Chairs usually don’t weigh much, but they often support a couple hundred pounds that might be rocking or tilted back on two legs. This strength is a possible because of […]

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